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Default 357 sig or 10mm auto

Hello there. I am interested in getting some opinions here. I want to get started Shooting some bigger bore handguns. So far I have only used 9mm handguns.

I want to get either a glock 20 in 10mm Auto or a glock 32 in 357 sig.

I will use it for target/fun Shooting and also as a short range self defense gun.

I am no reloader yet so I have to stick the factory ammo. Here in Austria the supply of ammo fort both caliber is quite difficult, but I am willing to deal with it.

I know that the smaller companies offer nice 10mm Auto rounds, but how about the 10mm offerings of the big ammo companies, like Federal, Winchester and Hornady? Are they close to the orginal ballistics of the 10mm Auto or are they watered down?

If I get a 10mm Auto I want to use the full pontential of the round and not the watered down Version. in that case I could get the 40 s&w and not the 10mm Auto.

In 357 sig the Situation seems to be a bit better. The Standard offerings in that caliber look promising judging the ballistic data.

What do you guys think about the 10mm offerings from the Main ammo companies? Are they any good ?

thanks for your help in advance

greetings from Austria
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