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Default Don't you get sick of...

Originally Posted by shouldazagged View Post
It's approaching low-end .357 Magnum velocity. In a 642 it is going to be absolutely no fun to shoot, to the point of pain.

The standard pressure version will get your attention--it's the equivalent of the older +P FBI load--but not like the BB hot stuff.

It always amuses and irritates me when I see some miscreant in a movie shot with 9mm or .45 ACP and fly backward across the room.

Does not happen. Handgun knock-down power is a myth.
...seeing the same crud used ALL the time? How many people have been blown through skyscraper windows. Wonder why the sense of reality in this country is warped.

It's been going on a long time though. Back about the time of WWI someone said that soldiers in movies that got 'hit' threw their rifles up in the air. The real thing wasn't quite so dramatic. People would be moving forward and then kind of slump to the ground.
"He was kinda funny lookin'"

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