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Default 357 sig or 10mm auto

But the OPís point is not to have a widely available caliber, but to shoot .357 Magnum like in a semi-auto pistol I think.

I have three 10 mm that I like a lot, found reasonably priced ammo in bulk from a guy that gave up his gun, and I reload too.

I also have a two tone SIG Sauer P229 in .357 SIG, great gun, 12 rounds in the mag with a lot of punch. For me here in Switzerland I find the 10 mm ammo is easier to find. But then I also reload the .357 SIG, and bullets are cheaper.

Whichever way you go you canít go wrong IMO.

For self defense I think both are very powerful rounds, especially with full power. The flash and noise would be a handicap should you shoot in enclosed spaces without ear protection.

Does Austria have laws that facilitate the use of guns for self defense ?

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