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I want to get started Shooting some bigger bore handguns.
357 Sig is similar to 9mm. If you want to shoot big bore auto, go for the 10mm. I carry G29 10mm UW 775 ft-lbs m.e.

and also as a short range self defense gun.
If all of my shots were guaranteed to hit CNS, I would carry a 22. But, it is mostly the other way around. I have no guarantee of hitting CNS. I want adequate power to deliver a convincing psychological stop if my shots hit periphery of the threat.

I also carry upper end UW 40S&W. But, when I want to be above the 9, 357 Sig, 40 and 45 acp plane, I reach up to full house 10mm.

The 10mm cartridge is the largest cartridge, that when loaded to 40,000 units of pressure, is not too much for the standard pistol or shooter.
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