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Thanks a lot for the further replies.

I am aware that neither the 10mm Auto nor the 357 sig are the most commmon catridges but that thats the Point somehow. To have ´ballistics similar to the Magnum catridges out of a Revolver like Classic already said. The 357 sig would be a good choice for these Needs because it offers similar Performance to the 357 Magnum out of a Revolver. And the 10mm is similar to the weaker loads of the obscure 41 Magnum.

I would not mind using the 357 mag out of a pistol, but the Desert Eagle is a bit too much gun for target /fun Shooting and also quite expensive. Same goes for the 357 mag Coonan pistol. I am not even sure if they found their way to Europe. If they did they should cost a fortune.

@Classic For handguns, and semi Auto rifles you Need a Special permission called Waffenbesitzkarte (WBK). Bolt Action rifles, single or double Action Shotguns and Lever Action games are free from the age of 18 years onwards if you have no criminal record.

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