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Originally Posted by Jeppo View Post
It's a black version, if not NIB, very close to it. So, I'm now looking for a shooter.

18DAI let me shoot his and I was immediately hooked. The entire buying experience was unusual. I wanted it so much that I agreed to drive 5 hours roundtrip. As soon as I saw it, I handed over the cash. Apparently the seller took great pity on me for the long voyage and invited me out to his place in the boonies to "shoot a couple unusual guns".

When we arrived, he went into his barn and came out with two full-auto's (22 and 9). I didn't go prepared to shoot so I walked back to my car, scrounged around and found a paper napkin. When the seller saw me shredding the napkin and stuffing pieces into my ears, he said, "Oh, you're not gonna need that". With that, he reached into his bag and pulled out a can that worked with both guns.

This CS is always gonna make me when I pull it outta the safe and remember that day. In addition to wanting a CS9 shooter, I believe I'd like to own a .40 and .45 to complete "the set".

Cool story, congrats!

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