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Originally Posted by jhnttrpp View Post
i have always carried a J frame. First a model 60 no dash and then I bought a 642. So I have been limited to 5 shots. Ok sometimes I have carried a model 659. It makes a good club too I'm like the OP. I have been watching videos also. If you have to ask it is Active Self Protection. Yes a lot of the videos are from outside the US. I think other countries employ more cameras than we do, and they are a bit more lawless too.

So yes I have begun to wonder about whether 5 shots are enough. I am an older disabled person and have recently had hand surgery. It will be a year before it is back to 100% and then I will have the right hand done. The thoughts of trying to reload under pressure does worry me. If you are trying to do a double tap and you have more than one attacker and your shot placement isn't near perfect you may have a problem.

Like I said, I'm beginning to reevaluate my choice in weapons. The only person that can decide for me is me. You get to make the same choices.
Something you might consider is getting another 642 and carry two of them.

10 shots of 38+P without reloading is pretty formidable.
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