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Default 10mm nut's view

I can probably say with a fair degree of certainty that I'm one of the nuttiest, if not the nuttiest, 10mm nut on the list. So take what I say with that 10mm grain of salt.

I was one of those "40 Short and Weak" guys who poo pooed the new caliber as very much less than 10mm. I now have 3 or 4 40 S&W in the accumulation as age softened me and had me relenting.

10mm is a great round for a reloader as you can roll yer own high-powered loads to suit your launcher's idiosyncrasies. S&W 10mm launchers are wonderful in both semi-auto and revolver. Factory ammo is mild but there are some decent offerings out there.

I'd rather carry/use/abuse a G20 or G29 as replacement is just a purchase away. Doesn't mean I don't need my 1006/1066/1076/1026/1086 collection members - it means that pragmatism dictates using items that are easily replaceable should the need arise.

But if it came down to choosing between the two, I like the strategy recommended in other replies of a G20 with an extra .357 Sig barrel.

I have seen some excellent pricing on G32 and if someone offered me one for a song and dance, I'd prolly end up in the .357 Sig camp too. But I'd steer clear of reloading due to necked case being a pain in the rear.

Clear as mud?
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