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Originally Posted by apollo99 View Post
I remember when we first got the NYPD issued G-19s in '91, they gave us politically correct FMJ, the JHP ammo was too barbaric. I think that ended when a couple of transit shooting with the bullets bouncing off the tiles in the subway platforms changed their minds. I think the 124 +P GD was a big improvement. I know 4 of them did fail to penetrate a Carhartt jacket in a Mid-town Manhattan shooting.
Nope. Transit and Housing Police always carried the HP rounds due to the higher likelihood of ricochets in a concrete and steel environment like a train station or housing project. I remember them getting the different ammo at qualifications.

It was the shooting of Amadou Diallo in February, 1997, that got us hollow points. Diallo was shot at very close range when he pulled his wallet in a dark vestibule. One of the cops yelled “GUN!” And backed up as he fired a few shots. The other three officers believed he had just been shot. They opened up. 41 shots fired. 19 hit Diallo. Two were fatal, but not immediately. He died in the ambulance.

The fmj bullets passed through Diallo. They hit the brick wall behind him, and the ricocheted BACK at the cops firing them. That, plus the hell of “GUN!”, and the cop falling down as he backed up, made the cops believe he had been shot.

They also switched out the Federal 158 grain Nyclad + P SWC ammo to the same ammo in a hollow point version for revolvers.

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