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Last time I looked around every handgun made for the .380 was a semi-auto. The absolute gold standard is ammo that will reliably feed, fire, extract, eject, etc, 100% of the time in your pistol. Everything else is wishful thinking.

Beyond reliable functioning the next critical consideration is shot placement. Will your ammo reliably shoot to point of aim at reasonable combat ranges (and I'm talking about your high-dollar carry ammo, not what you burn up at the range now and then)? If not you need to re-think your choices.

Way down the list, at least in my book, is the issue of expanding bullets. Maybe they will, maybe they won't (and at .380 velocities that will always be a very big "if"). Relying upon wishful thinking won't win the fight; putting the first (and if needed, the second and third) shot where it needs to be has to be the first consideration.

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