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Originally Posted by Toolguy View Post
That is not a pinned on sight.....
Enlarge the photo. The pin is obvious. Exactly were it would need to be to hold the front sight in the base. Though, I admit, it's not a super high res photo, it could be some kind of toolless interchangeable front sight system.

When you look at 8 3/8-inch M686's, some have the integral base with silver ramp and red insert typical of most M686 of that era, and a few have a Patridge sight that sits on a base that looks exactly like the OP's but the base is silver. The OP's black base looks identical to those silver bases, except for the color.

Could it be a base from a 8 3/8-inch M586? If so, it would be a easy parts-bin substitution for S&W.

Sniper X, when you see the gun in person check for export markings and proof testing. Get pictures of any. If there's a box post a picture of the label.
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