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Lately I've been practicing quite a bit with a pair of Beretta 84 and 85 pistols, these being the double and single stack .380s that look like small-scale GI service pistols. Caliber aside, I don't have anything else that I am as confident of functioning and accuracy and they fit my hand perfectly.

If the rank of criteria is first dependability, then accuracy, then caliber, then I'm good with these little Berettas. Add to this modern rounds like the Lehigh loading and I think you have a great combination that is (for me) exceedingly comfortable to carry, safe, dependable and accurate.

Sure, I'd rather have a 1911 at all times, but due to age and stage this just isn't practical.

I should add it has been a long, weary road getting to this point and much money has been spent and wasted on other pistols in figuring this out. Call it "research and development." Sounds a lot smarter than the process actually was.

Note the size comparisons below with a J frame and a Beretta 92 9mm:

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