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This state (California) is a special case.

Open carry is not allowed.

You can only carry one of the three guns on your CCW license -- and it has to be concealed.

For the last couple years, I kept a M60-15 on my license as a possible woods gun.

But it was hard to conceal, and heavy.

I ended up not carrying it even once in the last two years.

So when I renewed my license a couple weeks ago, I replaced it on my license with an LCR 357.

So that LCR will be my woods gun from now on, and also one of my city carry guns.

It's light, stainless steel (plus polymer), and shoots a powerful cartridge.

I don't hike as much as I used to. But at one time I was a serious backpacker, and know well that every ounce of equipment counts.

For me any woods gun needs to be light just like a city CCW gun.

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