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Originally Posted by 824tsv View Post
I didn't say that 1911's are inaccurate at all. The thread is drifting away from it's original question.
The O.P. is looking for a box stock 1911 pistol that shoots a 2" group at 25 yards chambered in 9mm and was interested in the Pro Series 9mm with fixed sights.
I've never seen a 1911 chambered in 9mm consistantly shoot a 2" group at 25 yards. I'm not talking about a high end pistol, like is featured in the above video. I'm talking about an affordable "standard" production-not highly customized and tweaked expensive variety.
If you know of one, please share.
You are correct. I wanted to know about an out of the box SW1911 9mm. M29since14 seems to have the same issue that my friend had that got me concerned to start off with.

Maybe 2 inches is too much to ask for but I don't want 7 inch groups because of mechanical flyers not human error. Cause that means the pistol cannot group. Which is the case with my friend's pistol. Look he has the resources and pretty much rebuilt the gun to the point that all that was left original was the frame.

I'm not keen to do that. I just want to know if these non-grouping guns are the exception rather than the rule. We have too few SW1911's in 9mm here to really find out. In fact I only know of this one guy that has one so far. Hence me asking you guys since I figured there must be more sold on your side.

The Sig 9mm 1911 gets all the votes in our National Team's Classic team. I'm sure it is a fine pistol but I'm a Smith fan and I'd rather go with the that. I find it better looking anyway. Not that looks count for everything but it is a factor.

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