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Default Why get a revolver instead of a pistol?

I know very little about revolvers, though I have fired them before. Actually, I donít know much about guns, but Iíve had an M&P 9 compact that I loved and felt very comfortable with. It was easy to shoot, easy to clean, and 9mm ammo wasnít that expensive. I had to sell it, unfortunately. Now I need to get a new handgun. I donít want to rule out something like a 642, unless itís more expensive than a new 9c. I know I wonít go shoot a revolver for fun, like I did with the 9. How easy are revolvers to clean and to troubleshoot? I know there are strong opinions on both sides of the handgun aisle, but tell me whatís good (or better) about a revolver.
The gun will occasionally be carried, and Iím getting it for self-defense while hiking, in the car, and at home. I just want to get the job done, should the need arise.
Thank you in advance for positive feedback.
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