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Revolvers can sit for decades and lose little to no reliability.

There is no complicated failure to fire drill. Just pull the trigger again.

You never have to wonder if the magazine is seated, the safety is on or off, or the slide is slightly out of battery. If the revolver is in good working order and the cylinder is locked into place it will fire.

Revolvers teach good trigger control in double action, and the only thing that can match a smooth & crisp single action pull in the auto world is a 1911 or perhaps a CZ (in single action).

You can load very light or very heavy without modifying the gun. Point of impact might change but it will work.

Your options are limited in the auto world when you want/need more than 500 ft-lbs of muzzle energy.

If you're into such things, you can have stupidly small, light guns that fire magnums e.g. the S&W 360PD in .357 Magnum which is less than 12oz empty. There is no auto equivalent, 9mm +P+ out of a micro is close but is rarely reliable or safe.
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