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A revolver does have soul! I agree. Further, due to their long trigger pull they are inherently safer than today's tricky trigger automatics. I have both but routinely carry revolvers although I am still a fan of 3rd Gen S&Ws pistols. Metal. Not plastic. Double action triggers. Etc.

But, to get specific:

Actually, I don’t know much about guns,
That's quite curable with a little time and effort. At some point in time none of us knew much about guns.

It was easy to shoot,
Revolvers are easy to shoot.

easy to clean
Revolvers are easier to clean.

and 9mm ammo wasn’t that expensive

I reckon that .38 Special cannot be all that much more expensive and maybe even less if you're just shooting range ammo. Save the expensive, defensive ammunition for carrying, although you should shoot it some to get to know it well.

I don’t want to rule out something like a 642, unless it’s more expensive than a new 9c.
Prices are unknown to me. A 642 makes a great pocket carry gun.

I know I won’t go shoot a revolver for fun, like I did with the 9.
Why? They are equally as fun! Except for the fact that lightweight revolvers like the 642 are definitely less fun. But an all steel gun in a J frame size is a hoot to shoot!

How easy are revolvers to clean and to troubleshoot?
Super easy to clean. You don't take them apart! Troubleshooting is something you do when you have trouble. Mostly, you won't ever have any trouble. They work all the time. Okay, anything can break but, as a practical matter, wheel guns rarely break if you treat them right.

I know there are strong opinions on both sides of the handgun aisle, but tell me what’s good (or better) about a revolver.
It's all perception, really. What are the uses it is put to, how will it be carried, etc. If you can work a pistol's slide easily then the pistol and the revolver are not difficult gadgets to operate. If you can't work the slide then the simplicity of a revolver takes over. Some of us don't have incredibly strong opinions against one or the other; it's just personal preferences. I prefer revolvers. I own plenty of pistols and I shoot them and carry them but I shoot the revolvers and carry the revolvers more often. It's not a contest.

The gun will occasionally be carried, and I’m getting it for self-defense while hiking, in the car, and at home.
Let's get back to your basic comment. You don't know much about guns. So, if you're familiar with a small auto pistol then maybe you should stick to what you do know about until such time as you familiarize yourself with new things.

Both pistols and revolvers are useful for carry/self defense, wherever, etc. Can you confidently use your gun? Will you use it if you need it? If you can and you will then you're most of the way there. Carrying the gun means hiking and in town. What are you going to confront in either place? Can you use your gun successfully in either place if needed? That's your key.

In the car you ought to be carrying it, not searching for it in your console or glove box. But that works if necessary.

At home it needs to be ready for use - no little kids around!!! Both pistols and revolvers are good here, too. My choice is a revolver. Before my house fire I kept a loaded revolver in every room of the house. In the new house I will do that again. When I need a gun at zero dark thirty I need a gun I don't need to think about - revolvers are so simple to operate they make excellent I-just-awoke-and-need-a-gun self defense tools.

That gets the job done.
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