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spirit4earth, I shoot and collect S&W revolvers. They are built like the finest mechanical watch. They are reliable, dependable, safe, easy to operate, and accurate. A S&W in deep black mirror blue with fine wood grips, like my large framed Model 25-5, is a joy to the eye. My Model 19-3 "Combat Magnum" is the handgun I shoot better than any handgun I've ever shot. If I'm hiking about and want to be well armed for any type of critter I might encounter, I carry a fine stainless Model 625-9 "Mountain Gun" in 45 Colt. If I were to concealed carry an utterly dependable revolver, it would be my little Model 36 "Chief's Special."

My everyday, concealed carry handgun, that I depend upon to protect my life and the life or my loved ones, is an ugly, works every time, life depending confidence, kick about, S&W Shield in 9mm.

S&W Model 25-5 that I nicknamed "Black Beauty" in 45 Colt (pleasing to look at, powerful, and deadly accurate).

S&W Model 19-3 "Combat Magnum" in 357 Magnum (I shoot it better than any other handgun).

S&W Model 625-9 "Mountain Gun" in 45 Colt.

S&W Model 36 "Chief's Special" in 38 Special

S&W M&P Shield in 9mm (my every day CCW).

Thanks for your consideration.

God bless,

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