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Originally Posted by english View Post
I made mistake with the Marlin the serial # It is # 3464. no letters mod 1897
Well, that's even more weird. By the time the Model 1897 was introduced, serial numbers were well over four digits. Serial number 3464 would date the gun to 1883, and at that time the only repeating cartridge rifle John Marlin was making was the Model 1881; a centerfire rifle with top ejection.

As I mentioned in my previous post, 150021 is the lowest serial number recorded on a Model 1897. Are you seeing that four digit number on the inside of the receiver, after it is broken down? If so, it is only the last four digits of the complete serial number. I can't think of another explanation, since you say it lacks the A prefix (which would not be on a Model 1897 anyway).
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