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Originally Posted by Whitwabit View Post
doesn't two weigh you down somewhat .. what is the weight of a 442 ?? how do you carry?? holster .. pocket ?? Are you going to carry +P's ??
I would think they would be a pretty hot load for that pistol ??

I carry a PX-4 Sub Compact and an extra mag and wouldn't want to carry 2 of the Beretta's ..

Just seems like a lot of unnecessary weight to lug around everyday.. which could lead up to back and sciatic nerve pain in your legs at a later date ..

I understand that it's a NY reload .. but do you live in NY ..

Just my thoughts ..
They only weigh 17oz each
Im not into +p mostly a warm full wadcutter and 158 swc for reloads.
Carry method will be mostly pocket carry.
Carried autos most of my career because I was told I had to!
The 38 works and it worked for me in the 80's.
Always carried one as a back up and off duty.
Autos are ok they jam in retirment no need for ammo capacity.
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