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While I like the contrast of the black small parts against the stainless slide and frame, the gaudy billboard lettering is wildly unattractive. The attached rail is also unsightly and of no use to me whatsoever.

I don't believe the larger rails or the (supposedly) "matched" upper and lower are of any advantage whatsoever and I have a LOT of experience with true, elite Performance Center pistols, the TSW series should never be mentioned in the same sentence as PC.

I will say that the lastest MIM hammer/trigger is definitely an advantage over the very earliest flash chromed 3rd Gen hardware, but while all the TSW's have them, you don't need a TSW to get them.

I cannot say that I hate the TSW 3rd Gens, I just personally find them to be a less attractive, over priced, over hyped, hollow "evolution", a product not of a creative design team but rather the product of an advertising committee.
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