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Originally Posted by jsbethel View Post
Absolutely correct - the plastic disconnector (239070000) is actually on the 5906TSW parts list. I replaced it with a metal disconnector (104210000) of which I had an extra. I believe the only other plastic piece on the pistol was the mainspring plunger cup.
I definitely learned something here. The disconnector looks like a letter "j" but with little prongs on it so that the levers can actuate it. It is a part that gets used with every single cycle of the slide, but I wouldn't call it a high stress part. Even still, I can't agree with making them metal for FIFTY YEARS and then deciding to go with plastic on a (not insubstantially) more expensive "upgraded" model. These damn TSW series guns were knocking on the door of a Grand MSRP back when they rolled out.

My post above makes it obvious that I have never been a TSW fan, but upon learning this about a plastic disconnector, I am even less so a fan now.

I appreciate your insight on this!
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