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Originally Posted by kbm6893 View Post
As litigious a society we have become, the lock will never be a lawsuit. The odds of it failing are remote, and if it DOES happen, the odds of it happening during a self defense shooting where a death or injury were the result are even MORE remote. Like winning the Powerball remote. No lawyer is gonna take the case of a guy at the range who had a lock-up. No damages to award and no payout to the lawyer.

As for why they continue to make no-lock for the hammerless models, I always wondered why they would for those but not the exposed hammer models, 18DAIís reason makes sense. My kids canít pull the trigger on my 640. They can on a cocked revolver. And cocking they hammer is pure instinct. I remember when my son was about 3 I was putting my Mkdel 36 away. He asked to see it. I unloaded it and handed it to him, cylinder open. He closed the cylinder, thumbed back the hammer, and pulled the trigger. I never taught him to do that. A single action pull on a revolver is super light.
From what I've heard said during discussions ... pretty much.
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