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Default Question about Revolvers Chambered for .44 Special

Does a revolver chambered for .44 Special, like a Model 24, offer any advantage above a similar revolver chambered in .44 Magnum, like the Model 29, which can shoot both .44 Special and Magnum?

I am more of a .38/.357 guy but a 3" Model 24 with combats caught my eye. Got me thinking...what if I want to shoot .44 Magnum too? Should I just buy a 3" Model 29 and cover the bases? Is there any reason that the 24 would be better at launching .44 Special than the 29?

Why build a gun that large today that is not capable of handling both loads? is it just tradition, because revolvers chambered in .44 Special existed before the .44 Magnum load?


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