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Originally Posted by Wise_A View Post
You're greatly overestimating the problem. Throwing your clothes in the wash? The hell are you doing, emptying the tumbler out over your head?

*If you're pouring the whole thing out, don't. Get a kitty-litter scooper, a deep one, to get the brass out of the tumbler. You can either shake them out one at a time by hand, or use a media separator (worth it).

*Cut down the dust by adding 2-4 tablespoons of mineral spirits to the media. While you're at it, a dab of Nu Finish shines up brass really nice.

*De-dust your media a little bit by running some used dryer sheets in them.

*Get some powder-free nitrile gloves for reloading. Handy for gun-cleaning, too. Gets you out of a lot of hand-washing.
I agree with HALF of what is suggested, but not the other half. I do pour the entire media into a very large dedicated salad bowl (yes turn the tumbler upside down).

Then I use a spaghetti strainer (litter strainer is fine), to separate the brass from the media. I actually put the brass back into the tumbler without the media and run it for 15-30sec. This further knocks out +99% of remaining media in brass. After that, I remove the brass and clean out the boxer hole.

Why do I pour ALL of the media out of the tumbler?
When I return the media to the tumbler, I carefully pour it back into the tumbler. NOTE - this leaves a thin film of spent powder at the bottom of the salad bowl that I can remove with a paper towel. IMO, this actually "partially" cleans the media, extending the media's life.
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