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Angry My new Model 69 not so fine !!!!

So my 69 came in today and I gave it a good visual and dry fire to check the action. No problems there BUT I forgot to bring my feeler gauge!

So after a quick bore cleaning and wipe of Ballistol I head down to my range.
Right off I notice a lot of blow by from the cylinder and that the action will lock up on the 5th round when firing in DA.
Now I was shooting .44 Special loads to start with but moved on to my light .44 Mag loads.
Gun seemed to hit well on target but I noticed what I thought was sand blowing back on my hands...I have a sand berm but it won't sand coming was shot residue from the gap!

Everytime it was firewd in double action the trigger would jam at the point it should have released the hammer and only on the last chamber to fire. Put a mark on that chamber and ran it thru again but it would hang on the last chamber to fire BUT on a different chamber!
No, it wasn't from bullet crimp jump either with plenty of bullet to frame clearence.
It will dry fire fine with no hang up.

Now the very bad part...I get home and check the cylinder gap and not seeing the tight .005 and less I read about here BUT a grand canyon .016 on one side of firing cone and .010 on the other side!!!

This *** going back!

This is my first new S&W purchase and I can see it isn't your Dad's S&W with basic functioning quality long gone like a freight train! My other 30 plus year old Smiths are VERY fine shooters!

S&W got nothing over a Taurus or Charter Arms revolver!
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