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Smile Transition From 9mm Shield To M&P 9C

Geriatric newbie here, so apologies in advance for misplacing this post or being redundant.
Really enjoy my Shield, but experiencing increased difficulty in ability to obtain a firm purchase at draw from IWB. My hands arenít extra large, but the grip has begun to feel uncomfortably small. Have done extensive research on the 9-C. The features have appeal, I like the extra round capacity, and it appears to provide adequate concealability.
Would welcome input from any folks with C-9 experience: please include information on any issues that required S&W attention, what you like/donít like about it, reasons, and why you would or wouldnít recommend buying it. Plan to test it out at the range tomorrow. Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Have heard mixed reviews about ejection failures and whether itís a firearm other owners would trust their lives with.
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