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Default 100 Yd Shots at 4" Steel w 629-6

I've really enjoyed shooting my 629-6 since I bought it last year. I sometimes only shoot 20 or 30 rounds out of it, but it's been on a lot of range trips already. Recently I put a Matchdot 2 on it. First revolver with a red dot for me, although I have them on several semis. I had bought a Vortex Venom to put on it, but I decided that since the Ultradots have a great reputation for handling recoil, I too the Matchdot 2 off my Volquartsen Scorpion and put the Vortex on the VQ. I've shot it with the dot a couple of times already, and got a ballpark sight-in. I decided I was going to bench rest it today and fine tune the sight in. I got to the outdoor range and put my targets up on a target holder, then I had to wait for the cold range. I thought, "maybe I'll try 3 shots at that 100 yd steel target while I wait." This target is a strip a foot long, but only 4" wide. I set it on my rudimentary tripod rest and squeezed off a shot. "Ping!" and the steel went swinging. I think I missed the 2nd, but not sure because the steel was still moving. I let it stop swinging and took the 3rd shot. "Ping!." I shot 15 rounds bench rested at 25 yd and made some minor adjustments. Then I shot some 25 yd offhand slow fire SA targets. Did okay, nothing great. I had one round left at the end and decided to shoot it offhand at that 100 yd steel. "Ping!" and it swung like crazy. A 4" target offhand at 100 yd with full power 44 mag. I think next time I'll try the 200 yd steel. Should really be easier, since it's a 16" round gong. Not sure if I'll know if I hit it, though. Also shot 50 rd of .357 with my 5" 686+ and 50 rd w my 638-3. A good all Smith & Wesson day at the range.

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