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Originally Posted by ancientpurgolder View Post
Thank you, Dave.
You parenthetically specified first generation. Why?
I just like the size of the original compact. Again, it has the same footprint as a 9/40 shield . I think the 3.5" barrel and shorter grip length of the original is a better carry option than the new 4" 2.0 w longer grip. ( I do see they just released a 3.6" version but still don't see the attraction of "upgrading" a Compact design to be longer in both directions and heavier on the hip.) Size wise, the 1.0 was in the sweet spot right between a G26 and G19. ( I've owned both Glock models too at one point.) The original 9c is also several onces lighter than the 4" 2.0 compact.
Not arguing with those who prefer the 2.0 for some reason (likely capacity), for me though, the 1.0 didn't need any improvement (other than an Apex trigger). It is "Goldilocks" just right in size and control ability. It will continue to remain one of my favorites on and off the range.

Your mileage may vary.

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