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Default 38 special ammo for lever action

Recently i started to use my 357 mag Henry big Boy rifle more recently fo target Shooting and i really enjoy it. The 357 mag ammo is quite expensive though and as far as I know the Henry big Boy is able to shoot 38 Special ammo to which is a bit cheaper as well. So I could shoot more.

Has anybody of you experiences with using 38 Special semi wadcutter rounds in a Lever Action rifle? if so would you recommend them for target usage?

My second choice concerning the Price would the Remington High Terminal Performance Ammunition 38 Special +P 125 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point rounds.

Are they save to use in the Henry big Boy? They would also be a decent Option for self defense I think. Not sure though if these logic can be applied when using these rounds for sd out a Lever Action Rifle.

In the 357 mag department it seems common Knowledge that using heaver rounds is recommend as the infamous 125 grain jhp was not designed for the higher mv the .16.inch Barrel of a Lever Action carbine can generate..???

thanks for the help in advance.
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