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Based on SNs of others that I have listed, yours likely shipped in the 8/51-10/51 period. It was called the Combat Masterpiece at that time, as model numbering did not begin until the late 1950s. The Combat Masterpiece is much the same as the K-38 Masterpiece, except that it has a 4" barrel instead of the 6" barrel of the Masterpiece. As stated previously, a greater return is probable if the grips are sold separately.

Regarding the engraving, many collectors are not much interested in engraved guns unless the engraving can be established to have been done by one of the famous "Big Name" engravers, no matter how good the quality. Engraving is perceived more as art, and the artist who did it is very important to its value - like Picasso vs. some no-name artist. Both may be equally talented, but no one cares much about works of an artist with no reputation. Until you try to sell it, preferably at an auction (on-line or live) it is difficult to come up with a value premium for the engraving, even though there probably will be some. The market will determine its value. I've been there, but that is a long story which is inappropriate to relate here.

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