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My original idea was to do a round butt conversion but I'm not sure how to get around the serial number. I don't want to commit a federal crime by defacing it. The barrel is a matching number but I don't think that matters as it's a replaceable part. Concealabilty is what I really want but I'm not sure how to get around the serial number dilemma.

IGGY your snubby is what first got my gears turning on wanting to do this little cannon project. I have your pictures and posts saved for reference. Yours turned out really nice!

As far as the ejector rod I'm not sure yet because I'm having problems finding parts just to replace and try and tighten up the cylinder. Deyomatics barrel also doesn't conform around the ejector like mine or a 1917 does so I'm not sure how he did that. I'd like to keep the original mushroom knob but doesn't really matter to be honest. Depending on how short I go I thought about just making the barrel round like deyomatics or a colt 1917.

As for the front sight I've seen it done many ways. In my opinion the half moon sight fits the styling of the era of the gun the best. I'll probably carve one out of mild steel and either solder or tig weld it to the barrel.

Also I believe this was the perfect candidate for what I was doing and I didn't want to cut down a original 1917 even if it was a Brazilian.

Any ideas or tips to tighten up the cylinder or am I just over worrying about it? Thanks guys!
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