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"An interesting anecdote that many of you may know is that back in the heyday preceding WW I, the K frame 22 was conceived. A prototype was built and tested. It failed miserably to be an accurate shooter and was shelved. A couple of decades later someone again took interest in the project only to discover that the barrel rifling was incorrectly bored for the .22 bullet."

It's difficult to believe such oversights can occur by a major manufacturer. A similar example involves the German MG42 of WWII. Working from a captured MG42, drawings were made up in the U. S. to build a prototype duplicate of it using the .30-'06 cartridge instead of the 8X57 cartridge used by the Germans for possible use by the U. S. military. It failed its tests miserably and the project was stopped. Only later was it discovered that various drafting errors were made in dimensioning parts properly to accommodate the longer .30-'06 cartridge. I think the MG42 duplication project had been turned over to Savage Arms, another large gun manufacturer. Only long afterward did the use of many the same design features of the MG42 result in the U. S. M60 machine gun.

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