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My first revolver was a 6" 586ND, my second was a 6.5" 29-2 S s/n.

After that, I started collecting 44mags.

Later in life, I got the bug for a 44Spl specific revolver, now I have 4.

I also have a lot of 357's, but they are my eco friendly revolvers - they feel like the 44's, but use less powder and lead.

44Spl is a hand loader's proposition. Ammo cost for the anemic as well as the high end is unreasonable.

I loaded my magnum cases to Spl velocities to avoid the carbon ring and keep the bullet further forward in the chamber, but once you get a Spl, it's a whole new world. Nothing is as smooth as a 44Spl N frame with a bullet @ 900fps. Truth be told, that's exactly what a 45Colt is - 250g @ 900fps.

Target friendly, good for SD and hunting, a 44Spl IS special.
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