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Originally Posted by CBStuard View Post
I am extremely happy w/ my 1.0 9c but haven't tried a 2.0. Have you looked into mag extensions which would lengthen the grip?
I bought and tried both the Hyve and Strike mag extenders. They actually made a significant improvement with my purchase at draw. No hiccups either. Then I started reading about jams and FTF issues. Got cold feet and went back to original factory mags. Think i’ve discovered the problem, however. The polymer clip on my holster has a tendency to move the cant of my Shield so that it doesn’t stay put on the “sweet spot.” Will replace the clip with soft loops, and see if they keep the pistol riding high enough to get a solid grip with fingers.
Meanwhile, got all stoked about the 1.0 9C. Not easy to find on line, and price is running between $425.00-465.00. Thought the 2.0 rollout would drive 9C prices down.
Would welcome any suggestions on what gunshops you feel are reliable if that is permitted to post here.
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