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Originally Posted by Ballanrk View Post
As others mentioned a grip sleeve or grip tape may satisfy your problems. However, I can't say enough great things about my 9c 1.0 and 2.0.

2 years ago I got my first handgun. So experience is what it is, but before buying I tested the Shield and 9c 1.0 extensively -it was a difficult decision. I felt the Shield was a bit small for me, and for other reasons I went the way of the 9c.

Totally glad I opted for the 9c 1.0 back then, but I love the Shield too.

Both my 9c (1.0/2.0) have been flawless. The 1.0 has seen roughly 4k rounds in the two years I've owned it. I've fired all types of ammo brands, 115/124/147 grains, etc and never a single problem.

I'll never sell it and trust my 9c 1.0 immensely as my EDC. It shares time with my 2.0 now, but still love it. I live in Florida so it's 90% of the time in shorts and a t-shirt. No concealment issues in the slightest, I carry iwb about 3 o'clock.

If grip tape or a sleeve solves your issue -awesome. But, if you are set on testing a 9c (either one) you can't go wrong.

A couple small advantages to the 9c 1.0 I find to be a nice benefit. It obviously can use the 12/15/17 round mags and given the Shield doesn't it's a bonus.

As far as fit in my hand, it feels really natural (it's subjective I know). While I consistently use the medium backstrap I like the small size too.

For me the only minor con was grip length, but I knew that was the case for any compact with my hands so not really a gun specific negative.

As a side note:
I contacted XGRIP last week and they let me know they are rolling out a mag sleeve this summer for the 9c 1.0 to accommodate the new 2.0 9c 15 round mags.
*Take it with a grain of salt from a manufacturer, but since they responded to my question I have to assume they are truly rolling one out pretty soon.
Thanks for your perspective. Very helpful.
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