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dr. mordo said:"I think it all hinges on whether you reload. If you don't reload, get a 44 SPL. Factory 44 MAG loads are just ridiculous and not much fun to shoot unless you are a masochist."

I used to reload but for some reason it started to seem like a tedious chore instead of an enjoyable hobby so I quit. But even without reloading there are options.

I get most of the range ammo for my M69 from Georgia Arms. They sell a cowboy load that is smoky but duplicates 44 special velocities in a 44 magnum case for about 25 cents a round. They also have a load that drives a 240 grain FMJ to about 1000 fps for 27 cents a round. The second load nicely splits the difference between a 44 special and 44 magnum and is what I shoot most often in my M69. If you don't reload now but are thinking of starting all the GA arms 44 ammo I have bought came in Starline brass.

If I had to shoot nothing but full power magnums through my M69 I would sell it. Its fun for two or three cylinders but not more.
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