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Default Got the Message about 442 problems BE AWARE

Not a specific Performance shop problem but more aluminum frame. Those frames have a integral aluminum hammer pin that could break making the frame not repairable. The Scandium/aluminum frames have a pressed steel pins. Members have PM'd me about problems with pin breakage and S&W not honoring the warranty. Situation is the 442/642 could be had for under $325, the cheapest Scandium frame is about $550.
BE AWARE! somebody that sent in a 642 for service with this broken pin problem was denied warranty service. He was told using reloads OR foreign ammo (Magtech) voided the warranty. This was not internet rumor. I was PM'd this info
That said. Not looking to Troll. The gun looks great, many love it, the price is right, If I buy it I'll Lock Tite the side plate screws and stick to full wadcutters (my preferred load anyway) and shoot it often to stay proficient.
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