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My W. German P220 is a fantastic shooter. I carried it for many years before we got higher capacity, striker fired pistols.

I have a couple of P220 stories I like to tell. One is about when I took my P220 to the gun range along with several other guns just to get in some practice. When I got there several groups of people were shooting at the steel targets at the range. The targets were on stands up about 5 feet and were about 8" wide and circle shaped. Everyone there was shooting at their target at 7 yards. One group of guys had two targets so I asked them if they minded if I moved one of the targets back. They agreed to that.

When I got out to about 12 yards I could hear the muffled laughs coming from those guys. When I got to 20 yards they were laughing out loud. When I got to 25 yards they were openly making fun of me.

I looked back at them wondering why on earth they thought it was so funny. It was only 25 yards.

They stopped laughing when I dinged the target 8 times in a row to start. By the time I went through another mag with just one miss they were speechless. After 3 mags they sent someone to get their other friends to come and watch. I guess some people are easily entertained. It didn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Lots of people can shoot well with a P220.

Then someone went after the range master. He came back with a S&W 629 with the 8 3/8" barrel. He set another target at the same distance and showed me he could hit it pretty much every shot too. That set off a competition between us that lasted about half an hour. We both hit about 90% of our shots at that distance when didn't seem that great to me either but it was good enough that we had a large crowd watching us.

It was getting a little late in the day when I ran out of .45 ammo. I told the guy to wait a second for me to get my other gun I had with me which was also a 629 with the long barrel. When he saw me bringing that gun around the building suddenly it was "too dark" to shoot. The club people had been complaining about using the lights too much. Yeah right. That club has so much cash they have bought up all the property around the range for a mile in every direction almost. They've built all sorts of stuff and have big dinners etc. etc. etc.. They were always spending more money on something. The idea that the range had to be shut down because they couldn't run the lights was laughable. And laugh I did because I had just bought that 629 and had almost no practice with it at that point. He would have beat the snot out of me with me shooting that gun at that time. But he didn't know that. He thought I'd be even better. So he shut things down right before he could have finally come out ahead. I thought that was funny.

I love that 629 too but the Sig shoots as accurate as any pistol I've ever seen out to about 50 yards. It won't compete at longer distances with that 629 of course. Longer barrels do make a difference.

I carried the Sig for about 10 years or so. I carried it in a shoulder rig mainly because I was riding an ATV much of the time and a should holster is much better in that situation. I had that gun with me a couple of times when I was really glad of it. But thankfully I never had to use it. Still I had a lot of confidence in that pistol and I still do. I've put about 15,000 rounds through it and I bought it used. It appeared to be a duty gun so who know how many total rounds have been through it. I'm sure it's due for a tune up even though it still works perfectly. I did have to replace the recoil spring about 2,000 rounds ago. Other than that it has been flawless.
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