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Originally Posted by fortyshooter View Post
the trick to enjoying .44 Mag is to load your own. My favorite is 240 gr.bullet over 9 gr. of Unique which gives you a "tweener"
What's the approximate pressure and muzzle velocity with that much Unique? I was going to suggest my favorite 44 load of 7.5 grains of Unique, which launches 240 grains of lead at around 950 fps depending on barrel length, i.e. the classic Skeeter Skelton load. That's a very comfortable yet hard-hitting load. There is often no need for magnum velocity (or the accompanying flash, bang and recoil) with that much lead except in certain situations. A 3-inch barrelled relatively lightweight N-frame and a load of around 1000 fps give-or-take with a heavy SWC are a perfect combo in my book.

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