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The .44 Specials have been making a renaissance return to the mainstream for the past few decades and even more so now. It seems everyone is catching on how "hot" the older .44 Hand Ejectors that are going FAST and the bargains to be had with post-war .44 Specials.

There are so many .44 Magnums out there that the .44 Special is now the novelty revolver.

Find a S prefix serial number .44 Magnum or .44 Special, no matter. You will pay BIG for the early .44 Magnums, and, while the gap is closing on the .44 Special prices ... there are still great bargains out there.

Scarce, sweet, smooth revolvers. To me, the .44 Special fits all I need to do, and, if I feel like loading .44 Ammo, all I need to load is .44 Russian Target loads instead of loading both S&W-R and Special. I load the light smokeless conversion for the Model 3s that works great in any of my Specials, too. How much powder do you need to put holes in a piece of paper, accurately, at up to 100 yards (at maximum) ?
LM1300 SWHF425

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