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I have found my most accurate loads using the Hornady 9th so it is my go to source for working up new loads. BTW, on balance between price and accuracy I have found Hornady bullets to be SUPERB. For example my pet load for my Precision AR-15 features a 68 grain Hornady BTHP and produces sub 3/10 inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards. BTW, this rifle is equipped with a 20 inch Shilen barrel in a Gibbz Arms upper, proving that the AR-15 is capable of stunning accuracy when assembled with premium components. Also have a load worked up for my 1892 Winchester in 357 Magnum that I've managed to shoot to 1 inch at 100 yards using a rear tang peep sight that features a 158 grain Hornady XTP-HP.
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