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Originally Posted by Arquebus357 View Post
Sorry, but I absolutely hate Ruger's disassembly push pin system. I finally drilled a hole in the back of my GP-100 stub grip frame. I still need to use a hammer to break the trigger group loose from the frame. (I have a Security Six that is much better in this regard.) Then I have to use a rubber mallet to install the trigger group back into the frame. I gave up on Ruger's single action revolvers because of their ridiculous disassembly/reassembly procedure and I'm about to give up on the GP-100 also.

I can completely disassemble/reassemble a S&W double action revolver blind folded.
Iíve owned a GP100 and a SP101. I currently own a Police Service Six and.n SP101 in .22. I have never needed a tool to take them down or put them back together. Trigger group snaps in with a firm squeeze. I keep all paperwork on guns I own or owned. The GP cost me $299 used 5 years ago. Some security outfit out West was dumping them for semi autos. Gun looked brand new and even came in factory serial numbered box. I miss those days of great deals.

Iíve owned 2 686ís. Fine guns and I wish I still had them. Iíd probably take a pre-lock 686 over a GP, provides rhwy werw the same price. A newer more expensive 686 over a GP? No thanks. I know theyíre still fine guns, but not fine enough to justify the price difference and I just donít like the hole for the lock.
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