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Originally Posted by snubbyfan View Post
Ya might want to consider putting the series in a playlist.
Glad to hear that you like it. I think that I got a playlist set up. Not sure though. This is the first time that I ever tried You Tube. I guess I am not much of a computer nerd. Hardest thing about all of this was figuring out the stupid editing software. I got the Adobe Premiere Pro program for that. The reviews said that it is easy to use. I'm not too sure about that! I have no idea what 90% of the stuff is on there. Took about a month to figure out how to turn video from the camera into something that I could put on You Tube. I will figure out all the fancy stuff on there eventually.

The gun and video is all finished. I will be putting a new one on You Tube every tuesday and friday.

It was fun doing the video. I will start building a Tennessee rifle next month and do video on that also. I have been ordered to not build any more guns until then. Someone seems to think I spend too much time in the workshop.
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