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I guess I'll be the dark cloud.

I bought a 645 when the first came out. I recall the hype then that it would feed an empty case. I bought it as a duty gun. I found it too unreliable to use as a duty weapon. Too many miss-feeds regardless of magazine. I dumped it. Then they came out with the 4506. I figured they fixed all of the issues and bought one. Same thing! Not reliable enough for a duty gun. I had (still have) a 659 and a 669 prior to either of the Smith 45s and found them bullet proof.

The 45s were fun to shoot but for a duty gun it has to be 100% reliable. Apparently some people or even agencies found that reliability. I did not. At that time, as a D/S when pay was way more pathetic than it even is now, and one at an agency that had to supply his own weapon, that experience was a hardship. That was the end of my 45acp experience for years, until the G21. My 629 worked well!
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