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Originally Posted by 7tenz View Post
I could not disagree more. He needs 6 of them minimum. Edit:Ha Ha, I just did a count and realized I have only 5.

Seriously going into the 44 mag world is like a 10mm. You hear all sorts of horror stories about recoil, ammo costs, muzzle blast, etc. I'd like to be there when you first touch off a 44 and see little hearts popping over your head.

One at a time. Recoil isn't bad at all. There is a range of factory ammo that should meet your needs, whims, and desires. If you reload, which I don't, then the sky is the limit.

Ammo cost is slightly more than comparable 357 mag. A lot less than 44 special which you can also shoot in the 44 mag. I buy 44 spc for my Bulldog.

Lastly, all handguns esp magnum revolvers are loud. I'll get a lot of disagreement, but I think the 44 mag is slightly less loud than a 357 mag, but it's a moot point anyway. I could be crazy, but point is wear ear and eye protection for any caliber.

I had a 41 mag once too and liked it just as much, but I standardized on the 44.
My sentiments exactly. I got a 3" M629 thinking I was only going to use hot Underwood and BB .44Special HC "Keith's" for the woods/mountain home. The first time I touched them off my thoughts were: "This is no different than my 5" 1911 with .45acp+P's", very pleasant.
Then I loaded some mid-grade/level 240 Fiocchi's in .44Mag and thought; "This is supposed to be a wrist breaker and all the pu$$y whining I hear?"
The 3" "N" frame is a 40oz all steel Revo and handles recoil and balances very well. Hell, 300 grain PPU loads rated at 1289fps were a big hit at the last farm day shoot I sponsored. The guys shot up nearly all of it I brought down and now I can't seem to find much of it. It was hands down the most borrowed gun and most shot load of the day between the 7 of us. 4 out of 7 had never shot a .44anything before!
Maybe I'm a freak for recoil but I really don't think that is the case.
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