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Default New carry gun idea's

Well guys/gals. I got the email from S&W. My 642 that I returned is trashed & they're sending my FFL a new replacement. I'm not impressed with aluminum alloy framed handguns therefore as soon as the little guy comes in I'm going to promptly have my FFL sell it and buy a all steel revolver.

I already own and have been carrying my 4" 686. In a sturdy DM Bullard gun belt & Galco combat master OWB holster, it carries nicely and the weight is not entirely an issue. Although it's heavy enough to let you know it's there.

A buddy of mine highly suggested that i consider a model 66 combat magnum as my new EDC. My other choice would be a mod 640. Now I live in texas and if I wanted to open carry I can. But normally what i do is tuck in a Tee shirt and wear a OWB holster over my right side at the 4:30 position and throw a short sleeved unbuttoned shirt over it.

I'm leaning hard towards that mod 66... Idea's?
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