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Going by your statement of your considerations, I would say that any of the 2.5" barreled K (or L) frames in .38 Spec or .357 mag would do nicely. But they are a bit larger and heavier than the Model 640 (steel framed also). My personal overall favorite is the model 640-1, if you can live with five shots (and I can). I love the slightly longer barrel (2 1/8") and that the steel frame allows it to be shot very well without much angst. I can fire the mag rounds through mine without problems, although I'd not choose to shoot a box full at one time. My choice for EDC is a good +P .38 Special round across the board with these shorter barrels. Much less flash and bang, and IMO these are more than sufficient. My first five or six will be the 150 grain hard cast full wadcutter made by Buffalo Bore. I carry a 158 grain LSWC +P (or sometimes the Speer 135 grain loading made for short barrels) round in my reload belt pouch since these are a bit easier to reload under stress than the full wadcutters.

The Model 640 is my all time favorite J frame revolver, but I also really like any of the K Frame snubs, especially those with a 3" barrel, as well. I'm gettin' old enough that I'm willing to compromise a bit on the overall weight and size because it makes a difference for EDC all day long every day. I will say that I personally prefer the fixed sighted revolvers for EDC, so if you are looking for a stainless steel revolver, the Model 65 would do nicely.
So long ... Ken

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