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Yes. Three I am aware of.

Concealment express. Look on last lage under new. This is non tuckable. Specific to 3.6”

Concealment express tuckable. This has open bottom and will fit all the 2.0 M&P. The 4.25 and 4” barrels simply extend past the kydex. While the 3.6” appears may end lretty close to the end of the kydex

Foxtrot concealment. You have to call them but they will make specific to 3.6”. Owner uses his own 3.6” gun as mold. This is non-tuck.

I have called foxtrot concealment and talked to the owner. and he has agreed to make a prototype tuckable version for the 3.6”. I think this prototype is still being worked on as I only talked with the owner last week about procuring this model specific to the 3.6”.

Also, all The 2.0 4” holsters out there will work, the only down side is that you are carrying 0.4” more kydex then really needed.

As for the 3.5” gen 1 compacts, Foxtrot concealment and concealmemt express i believe have holsters for the gen 1 models. I also think Bravo concealment has a gen 1 torsion holster availabke but not positive.
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