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ETA - Second link plus what might be learned...

Violence of Mind - Varg Freeborn
Varg defended himself with a knife in a deadly force attack, was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon for stabbing the attacker too many times, spent time in prison, and later pardoned with rights restored. Good viewpoint of both criminal mindset and self defense mindset from a civilian BTDT point of view.

This post from an inner city LEO on Long post on the nature of inner city criminals, how inner city robberies go down, and his opinion on the best approach for defending yourself.
Street robberies and you - The Basics - AR15.COM

Detailed AAR from a CCW holder that was shot defending himself in an armed robbery (BG shot also).
My CCW Shooting AAR--Now with More Graphic Pics on pg 29 & 30 - AR15.COM
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